How To Use Learning Grader

Upon opening the homepage, you can get going writing your review straight away:

When you visit the homepage, you can immediately start filling out your review.

All reviews you create on are completely anonymous, and private by default. The "resource name" field may be used later on to aggregate reviews of different anonymous users.

Once you're ready, click the 'Save' button. All reviews are anonymous and private by default.

When you have filled out the rubric, hit the "Save" button and you'll be taken to the 'view' screen. This shows a radart chart reflecting your grades, as well as an overall 'star rating':

The radar chart shows the strengths and weaknesses of a material at a glance.

Notice the URL in the toolbar? This is the editable link: if you revisit this page in the future, you'll be able to adjust your grade. This could be useful if a new version of the material becomes available, for instance. You'll want to bookmark this page, but we recommend you don't share it with others, as anyone with the link can edit.

To share your review with others, use one of the dedicated Facebook, Twitter or Pinterest buttons. This will share a read-only version of your review, and has a separate URL. If you want to share via email or other social networks, you can copy this read-only link by clicking the clipboard button:

The read-only link is ideal to share your review with others via social networks.

Hovering over one of the datapoints will show a tooltip with more details about that particular grade:

This is how your review will appear to others you share it with.

All clear? Create a review now